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The great news of the 2018 season at Guerciotti is represented by the last born of the Eureka family: Eureka Air.

With Eureka Air, Guerinotti's NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING has made one of its best products today.

Thanks to the RS design, the best design has been studied to get an extremely aerodynamic product. To achieve the highest levels of aerodynamics, not only has it been worked on the design and section of the pipes, but a completely cable solution has been studied.

This was possible thanks to the collaboration with TEC (new Guerciotti partner for joints, curves and seatposts) by creating a stem and a custom curve where the wires are all internal (Integral Cable System).

The attachment is forged and machined in CNC 7075 aluminum, while the curve is made of carbon monochrome (Toray T700 and T900) which allows the entire cable to pass inside.

Eureka Air will surely be one of the market's landmarks for anyone who wants an aerodynamic design bike with state-of-the-art design and performance.

In the design of Eureka Air, while aiming for aerodynamics, the appearance of lightness and rigidity has not been missed. Guerinotti's NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING has thus obtained an extremely rigid product (essential for such a product) so that the rider can be able to discharge all the power into his legs.

All this also has a lightweight frame. Eureka Air is thus easy to drive even on sloping slopes, without being too heavy to handle all the hardest climbs.


Aero seatpost realized with the same aerodynamic concepts of the entire chassis so that it has a complete integration.


Single-frame chassis, made of a single piece in single molded print, including the internal ways, produced with full EPS (Expanded Polypropilene System) technology for a control of the relaxation of the various layers of carbon. For the production of Eureka Air only Torayca fiber is used, including T1000, T900 and T700. 



With the Integral Cable System the wires are internal to the attachment and handlebars, completely hidden. This allows a substantial increase in aerodynamicity, resulting in a magnificent frame from aesthetic point of view. In the integrated coupling system there are spacers designed exclusively on the design of the Eureka Air, to maintain high aerodynamics and allow for the best adjustment of the saddle position. Eureka Air features a steering column bearing system integrated between chassis and attachment.



Design of the rear hubs and piping profiles designed to increase aerodynamics, ensuring high rigidity levels. 



Eureka Air expects the gearshift cable exit behind the forearm, thus increasing aerodynamics. 



Guerciotti still marries the choice of the low direct mont (also used in the previous Eureka SHM50 model) because it is still the best aerodynamic solution to date.