Trade relations and sponsorship between Guerciotti and Dedaelementi have lasted for many years.

All teams on the road equipped with Guerciotti also provide Dedaelementi provided by the kit. Even today the CCC Sprandi Team is obviously equipped with kits Zero 100. But this winning combination is so even off-road: in fact, since last season, Joele Bertolini and Alice Arzuffi (like all the other riders of the strong Milan team) run with stem / curves / seatpost Dedaelementi. The high quality level of these products are essential to achieve important victories and to give maximum reliability riders who demand the most out of their bike in race conditions on the limit.

The same riders Joele Bertolini (reconfirmed Italian Elite champion) and Alice Arzuffi (now firmly in the top 5 in the World Cup and Superprestige this season) are delighted with the quality of the products Deda and are honored to collaborate with the company from Crema, communicating their feedback after each performance.

Guerciotti and Dedaelementi, a perfect union also in cyclocross!