Eureka DX50 is the most important innovation of the 2017 Guerciotti's range.

New Eureka family model provides completely different characteristics from previous models, starting from aero design. Like all high-end models Guerciotti, there is the fork with IFS system.

The model Eureka DX50 is realized with the use of the Full EPS (Expanded Polypropylene System) which allows the forming of the frame on a rigid support and the correct placing of the various carbon laminations, avoiding the formation of air bubbles nor sandwich. It goes without saying that does not require additional "protective layers" and therefore can produce products that are lighter without affecting the weight limits allowed on the frame itself.

The frame turns out to be much safer avoiding minimizing the risk of breakage due to impacts also.

Each single frame, at the end of the molding process is subjected to the torque test, adapted to detect any wrong processing problems. So, this system provides the frame with a greater capacity for resistance in torsion.

Each individual frame that is produced must be, and is, a reliable frame.

The carbon fiber used is Toray production.

T-300 is used as the basis combined with biaxial M40-JB600 and T-700, M40-JB6000 on the top tube and down tube to provide torsional strength and vibration absorption dates from the asphalt.

Eureka DX50 provides a system designed by NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING called RC System Reinforced Core where we analyze the most critical areas and subject to greater stress, creating reinforcements for greater safety on the frame. In fact, using T-700 to give further resistance at the joints (remarkable points) and in the bottom bracket area and the seat lock.

In the dropouts area and derailleur attack strengthens with handkerchiefs T 800 / T1000GB.

Eureka DX50 is supplied with a dedicated aero seatpost.